The Eighth P in Quality

Why would we not want to include packaging in the marketing mix for Quality Assurance?

Packaging. It is very important how the product is presented to the customer. The packaging is often the first contact that a customer has with it. Packaging can also be considered as a subfield of promotion and/or if the primary intent of the packaging is to protect the product during shipping, as a subfield of placement.

Not much to disagree with there, eh? If the service doesn’t look respectable when it is delivered, who will believe it is professional, thorough and of value? Would you rather the weekly issue report was delivered scribbled in pencil on a beer mat or via a flexible web based bug tracking, issue tracking, task tracking, and project management software solution used for open source and enterprise projects, like say JIRA?

We continue to encourage our customers to watch our quality control team at work by offering them access to our issue tracking system and if they want to participate, good for them – and so much the better for the end product.

For more on the marketing mix for Quality Assurance, read Gonzo QA III: Fear and loathing after dark.


First posted: 3 May 2007 on

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